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It works, if you’re Martin Scorcese


Hilarious…gotta read this!

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First, let me say that I am very grateful for all the wonderful programs and apps available on computers and smart phones and tablets–they let me do and create things that I never would have been able to only a generation ago.  That said I am amused by the wide gap between the life depicted in technology commercials and real life.

Why in these commercials do we only see people buzzing along with their lives happily and instantly connecting, searching, multi-tasking to herculean levels with their devices and never the dark side of keeping all this technology going?  Here’s an example:

This morning, I was running out late for work and remembered I didn’t have the address handy for a letter I wanted to mail that day.

1. OK, first you’re thinking, Why isn’t that address in his iPhone Contacts? ( I haven’t had a chance to transfer all the data from my…

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happy thanksgiving

I am thankful for kindness
holding my hand in the dark

I am thankful for sadness
cleansing and reminding me

I am thankful for laughter
creating lines that will remain

I am thankful for every experience and you

© Aimua Eghobamien

a love poem [7]

the pieces are broken now
an earthen clay pot fallen from a high ledge
dark soil splayed with hopeful petunias
on grey well-worn paving squares

recovery will take a broom and dust pan
the picking up of brightly coloured petals
shredded by various circumstances
the rich loam, the only survivor

© Aimua Eghobamien

Love Poem

Originally posted on Resting my eyes:

Just now
I crossed the corner of our park
I needed to absorb
the green of the sun-settled oak leaves
against the cloud free blue–
an Ellsworth Kelly primary–
a simplicity so rich
in there being
just two


About Ellsworth Kelly

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Originally posted on Resting my eyes:

moon times

crescent, full, new, blue
rising and drifting down
our skyscape, day and night
her dark side, our dark days
what we don’t see and
don’t speak of
the days without the moon
in sight above
to reassure us
that no matter how far apart
we share the same moonlight

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It is the beginning of August
with heat that bakes to medium rare
Framed as a consequence of my inadequacy
I am evicted from my home

I sit on a disconnected air conditioning unit
on a sidewalk I soon want to be befriend
surrounded by possessions that used to matter
The iron-framed bed catches the sun and sparkles

I can see everything from here
my neighbour loads up his station wagon
board games, towels, the dog and its wagging tail
I can even see the mirage at the end of the street

© Aimua Eghobamien

a love poem [6]

we stand now earths apart
littered with everything broken—
keys, chests, heart and clocks—

the secret that held us together
no longer necessary

© Aimua Eghobamien

a love poem [5]

in the beginning
I didn’t know the difference
I thought green was just a version of blue
I thought I was just a version of you

at the start
the spectrum is seamless
from kiss to newness to naïveté
I didn’t know the difference

now I wait
to fall asleep and waken to you
I wait on the irrelevancy of the colours
after the lights dim

© Aimua Eghobamien

a love poem [4]

I see it now
in the wind—the smiling yellow pansy
the singing wasp

the tap dancing canary—
on a branch outside the colour lines

I see it now
in the dilation of your pupil
just before you kiss me

© Aimua Eghobamien

a love poem [3]

you breathe in
I exhale
a single brushstroke
paints you—paints me

© Aimua Eghobamien


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